Helseinn is a cluster organisation working to promote co-creation and innovation processes for better public health and more sustainable health services. The cluster consists of over 70 partner organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

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The Inlandet Hospital Trust, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences are members of the cluster, along with health and technology companies, municipalities, as well as NGOs such as the Red Cross and the Norwegian Cancer Society.

Some of our partner organisations


Supporting innovation 
We work to improve the partners’ innovation capacity. We assist partners in innovation processes, in finding collaboration partners and with grant applications to secure financing of projects.

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing 
We provide a meeting place for hosting events, workshop and innovation processes – bringing together a unique cross-sector network of people, companies, key public sector health players and NGOs collaborating to their mutual benefit.

Promotion of opportunities 
We provide an arena where needs and solutions meet. By connecting professionals from the health sector with R&D institutions as well as private health companies, we contribute to new ways of thinking in the development of a more sustainable health care system.

Creative problem solving – Helseinn test sites
We have two test sites and labs available for our partners:

In our test sites we provide a physical space for idea generation, co-creation and piloting of new products and services. We can also provide professional test sites in collaboration with our partner cluster Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, which is part of Nordic Proof.

Research and Innovation 

Helseinn and our network are all partners in research and innovation projects related to welfare and health technology, e-health, remote patient monitoring, integrated health care, VR/AR/XR technology, as well as public health and health promotion.

For inquiries: hei@helseinn.no